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There are many different ways to receive a grant/scholarship for spending some time abroad during the PhD. They differ in the target group, amount of money you get, period of time you have to spend abroad and the purpose of your journey.

In the following we summarised a few scholarships for you. A database for scholarships and research grants in Austria you can find here ( It is also possible that your faculty has own grants/scholarships. In this case it is best to ask colleagues or in the dean’s office.


Scholarships for PhD students who are employees of the TU-Graz:


-          Travel Allowance at the expense of the global budget:


-          Erasmus + (between 2 days and 2 months)


Scholarships for all PhD students:


-          CEEPUS

  • for students who completed at least the first two semesters
  • for teaching/studying stays or excursion
  • full scholarship (paid by the host country); additional scholarships and travel expenses are paid by the bmwfw
  • application deadlines: 15.6. and 31.10
  • further information you can find here (


-          Marshall Plan Scholarship (minimum 3 months)


-          KUWI/FK scholarship (5 days up to 10 months)


-          international communication of the ÖFG


-          Marie Skotowska-Curie actions

-          Marietta Blau-scholarship (6 to 12 months)

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