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Forward PhD Union Mails

Since most of you do not use your student E-mail account any more (which is our only way to reach you) we recommend to forward all PhD Union mails to your favourite E-Mail address. To do so, we have made a 3 step tutorial:
  1. Log in to your student Mail account and click at Filter
  2. Click at "New Rule" or "Neue Regel
  3. Give the filter a Name (e.g. Phd Union)
    Select "Subject" "Contains" and enter "[PhD Union]" - the square brackets are important
    Deactivate the "Case sensitive" tick box
    Select "Redirect to"
    and enter your favourite E-mail address
    And click as "Save"

    Now you are done, and all our newsletters (which will have a subject starting with [PhD Union] will be directed to your E-mail address.
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